Tuesday, November 10, 2009

be patient

even u feel so tired
to seek knowledge
keep in your mind that this might
be one of your greatest deeds
that going to be count during
the day of jugdement
just imagine,
Allah is watching u rite now and
He knows how tired u are
but b'coz of His Deen,
u keep on moving


2 pengomen sporting!:

hajar~ said...

thumbs up to u my darling etiey~

long time we haven't seen each other..huhu..

tap[i saje nak bbetul skit sentence..

it should be 'be patient'

etiEy johari said...

thanx k.hajar
huhu xleh challenge ore tesl ni
nati ety edit blik
yup very long tyme we haven't seen each other..


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